An Overview of Our Curriculum

The following overview is, of course, subject to change and alteration. Still, I hope it gives a fairly good glimpse of the future, especially for those of you who are interested in having a bit of advance warning. Our school website, of course, has a helpful calendar with much more information about school events and meetings.


January 8 - Winter Break over, classes resume


February 13th - Field trip to the History Colorado Center
February 26 - End of Second Marking Period - Progress Reports issued

March 1 - Begin Literacy Module Three: Scientific Nonfiction, Research, Information and Opinion Writing with the foundational text "Simple Machines/Forces in Action" by Buffy Silverman
March 15 - Field trip to the Littleton Historical Museum
March 26 to 30 - Spring Break

April 3 - Begin Literacy Module Four: Biography, Historical Fiction, Information and Opinion Writing with the foundational text:"The Hope Chest" by Karen Schwabach
April 14 and 15 - PeaceJam Conference with Nobel laureate Oscar Arias
State testing all during this month!


Field Day, Talent Show, 4th Grade End-of-Year Pool Party, 5th Grade Continuation
May 25 - End of Third Marking Period - Progress Reports issued
May 31 - Last day of school!

Here's the official DPS calendar!

(Downloadable from

2017-18 Calendar.jpg