Helping Bromwell's Fourth Graders learn about great literature!

This program offers parents the opportunity to share short presentations about their favorite books with our fourth graders.
Parents, after all, have the most powerful influence on our students. I'd like to use that power for good, as they say in the comics (and movies, and even some books). Please volunteer to discuss one of your favorite books. I'm sure you'll inspire more than a couple of our readers!
How does it work? Volunteers are encouraged to share some or all of the following elements...
  • For fiction books: genre, characters, setting, plot, themes, mood, conflict, connection to real-life events or concerns
  • For nonfiction books: topic, author’s purpose or point of view, important ideas or concepts, interesting facts or details

Also, you may wish to share topics related to the background or influence of your selected book…
  • Author biography or related information
  • Illustrator information (if any)
  • Publishing history, awards or prizes, influence on other writers or publishers
  • Appearances in other media: movies, video games, comics
  • Connections with Denver or Colorado (if any)

Other possible book-related activities
  • Read a passage from the book
  • Share a personal reflection about the book and what it means to you and your family
  • Share or present items from the book

The presentations should take about 15-20 minutes. We'll have them on Mondays, right before lunch at 11:15, and right before the end of our academic day at 2:00 pm.
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