Here is a list of all the items your student needs for fourth grade!
Well, okay, maybe not all the items...! This list at least covers most of the items your student needs as we start the year. We may think of a few others as we go through the year, and we'll let you know if that happens. We promise!

1 Pencil Pack - No 2 pencils, of course!

1 pack Colored Pencils - 12 colors, please not 24 or 48 or more! There is not room for them all!

1 Highlighter - green, pink, or orange, but definitely not yellow!(It's sometimes hard to see...)

2 Paper Packets (Wide Ruled)

1 Pencil Box - 5 x 8 x 2 (not bigger, please)

1 Pencil Sharpener (non-electric)

1 Scissors (small size, should fit in pencil box)

1 Scotch Tape (small roll, to also fit inside pencil box)

1 Mead Composition Book (Wide Ruled)

1 Small tote bag (approximately 12 x 9 inches)

1 Clipboard

3 Folders - Pocket & Prong Style (two inside pockets for loose papers as well as prongs to hold paper in the center). The folders should be RED and BLUE and GREEN in color. We are looking for folders that have 3-hole metal prongs in the middle as well as an inner pocket on either side. At Office Depot, these folders are called Twin Pocket Portfolios with Fasteners, and at Office Max they are called Avery 2-Pocket Portfolios with Fasteners. At Staples, they are called Report Covers with Three Fasteners. Different strokes for different office suppliers, I guess! Here are some pictures to help you:

This year our Bromwell PTA has again struck a deal with a business that specializes in school supplies. This allows you to purchase all these items at once. The items we've listed above are bundled for buyers and then delivered to the school. If you are interested, go to our school website. Click upon the "Parent Resources" tab and then cursor down to "School Supplies." You'll see more information. Or you could simply go to: