Here's excellent work done by previous Bromwell fourth graders!
A four-part Bromwell Blabber
This edition of our school newspaper was published in four parts.The four issues present many interesting news stories and captivating feature articles.

A Collection of Fourth Grade Poetry
Look! It's a complete poetry book, created after a day with Avid 4 Adventure.
It includes one poem from every fourth grade student.

Avid Poetry Title Page.jpg

Nonfiction WritingTwo fourth graders collaborated on this feature article about a favorite holiday.
Halloween Story.jpg

A Class PoemHere is a class poem we once created about our Book Buddies, the students in Ms. Witt's second grade class. Actually, it's not really about specific Book Buddies, but more about the experience of "book buddying" in general. To begin with, my students each wrote couplets. Some of the couplets were serious, others were funny. As a class, we edited the couplets, weighed various revisions, and discussed how to fit everything together to make a satisfying longer poem.

More Poetry
These lovely poems were originally published in girls' creative writing journal I sponsored at lunchtime.


Below: Sophia's creativity is shown not only in her poetry, but in how she submits her work!

Do Math and Art Go Together? Sure!
Here are a number of symmetrical drawings by my students - and a cat from Aurelia!

Here's another one of Aurelia's cats. Well, a lion, to be more specific.

And another!

Classic Novels
Here are four different Alice in Wonderland characters by four different fourth graders for the Classics Illustrated Trading Cards project.

Here are other interesting character cards from the classic novels that students read for the project.


Social Studies
Here is a comic page about Colorado history created by Dominic.

The Monthly PageAt the end of every month, I asked each student to each write a personal narrative about school events and classroom experiences from the month before. These assignments are called "The Monthly Pages," even though they sometimes covered more than one month, and almost always are longer than one page. You can download a excellent example of this kind of writing here.

Field Notes from a Field Trip!We love going on field trips in the fourth grade. We try to go on one field trip each month during the school year, except for "short" months when there are a lot of testing or vacation days. Our final field trip one year took us to the Botanic Gardens. Students wrote short narrative sketches during this trip.