This painting of The Little Prince was created by my daughter Madeleine, a former Bromwell student. It is displayed prominently in the classroom. Sometimes when I look at the painting, with the colorful characters upon their different planets, I am reminded of how my students are different, too. They don't come from different planets, but they have varied interests and passions, and different styles of learning. I hope that my classroom can be a place where they all feel at home.

My classroom has a somewhat unique approach to "interior decoration." I have a large collection of action figures and toys displayed above my cupboards. They are hand-me-downs from my own two children. At least, most of them are! I also have a large collection of comic-books in my classroom, many donated by the generous manager of All in a Dream, a great comic-book store at Colfax and Fillmore. I have a large collection of games such as Othello and Mancala, and a variety of chess sets featuring characters from Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and even Scooby-Doo.

I have single desks, as opposed to the two-fers that are found in most Bromwell classrooms. This gives me a greater ability to change the configuration in my classroom. I change the seating plan once a month, so that my students have different seat-partners and work-mates throughout the year.

I love to take the students outside the classroom for reading, writing, and discussions. I think the fresh air is good for them, and I know they enjoy the beauty of our campus. If you stop by the classroom and no one is there, chances are we are right outside. Take a look!

Is the classroom for parents, too?
It sure is! I enjoy having parents come into the classroom. Parents can just pop in for a few minutes to find out what's going on, or they can stay longer and help out in many ways. I offer a wide range of volunteer activities for parents, especially coaching writers in the classroom or running book club meetings . Ms. Maierhofer and I also have a program called the Fourth Grade Forum, a weekly symposium for parents (primarily) to present information about foreign countries and cultures to our students. Find out more about it here. I have a similar parents' program focused on literacy and called the Best Book Series. Find out more about that opportunity here.

Fourth Grade Forum.jpg
These photos were taken during presentations by our parents.