Welcome to fourth grade!

Bromwell Elementary is one of the best schools in Denver, and fourth grade is always a special year. This year, we will research many fascinating topics, and engage in a variety of exciting learning activities, too.

In fourth grade, we will study endangered animals, force and motion in machines, and the history of voting rights and the Suffrage Movement. We will learn about world geography and Colorado history. We also study reading and writing and math, of course! We will build on the excellent education students have already received at Bromwell and help them as they grow toward the future.
By the way, the picture above shows some of the wonderful comic-book heroes developed by previous A-6 students. You probably already know the famous T-Fox and his young partner Peanut-Head Boy, and you may have heard of Bird Dude or Shopping Lady. Can you spot Booger Boy?
As this illustration hopefully shows, I like having comics in my classroom. I love reading, writing, and drawing. I enjoy the performing arts and have created or co-created many stage productions over the years. I have also edited dozens of student books, including six professionally-published anthologies of student poetry for Denver Public Schools. I have made a few videos in recent years and hope to make many more.
School is an adventure for us to experience together – teachers, students, and parents alike. School is also a mystery, with solutions that gradually unfold, and always leave one or two tantalizing but unsolved puzzles for next time. School is a clanging, banging, clattering workshop, where children create with art, and words, and numbers. School is a circus, full of delightful play, not to mention a few thrills when they are least expected.
School is all these things and more. You can learn more about my own part of the Bromwell school experience by exploring this wikisite. You can also e-mail me at: steve_replogle@dpsk12.org