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For five years, I edited and published an annual poetry anthology for Denver Public Schools. The books collected poetry and art from schools all over Denver, and from students in Kindergarten through fifth grade.

This was a volunteer effort on my part, mostly accomplished during summer vacations although requiring some attention year-round. The books were designed by the amazing Scott Johnson of Sputnik DesignWorks, and the entire project was supervised every year by the amazing Judy Joseph of Paros Press.

Each book was unique. The first book, "Our Hearts Are Woven Into Words," was assembled with the help of a group of high-school student editors, mostly previous students of mine. The fourth volume, "Dreams and Directions," was illustrated by students at the DPS Career Education Center.

We had publishing parties every year that were quite fun and increasingly well-attended. We went from the Children's Tower at the Denver Public Library to the Tattered Cover Lo-Do to the Concert Hall at the Denver School of the Arts. We received lots of favorable publicity, too, with our young poets appearing on CPR's Colorado Matters, in The Denver Post, and also on Channel9 News.

I've created a separate website related to the five books, their rich and varied contents, and the events surrounding their publication. You can get to that site by clicking the link below...



DPS Elementary Poetry Anthologies