Steve Replogle(That's pronounced "rep" + "low" + "gull")


This portrait was created by a former student who is now a college graduate!

I live four blocks from Bromwell with my wife Lara Newton, a Jungian psychoanalyst and the author of Brothers and Sisters: Discovering the Psychology of Companionship (Spring Journal Books). I'm the proud parent of two grown children. My son is a metal sculptor who lives in northwest Denver. He recently gave me my first grandchild, a beautiful boy named Cedar. My daughter is a social worker in New Orleans, where she works with crime victims. She began attending Bromwell in Kindergarten and is a Bromwell kid!

I have a B.A. in English Literature from Michigan State University (I grew up in Battle Creek, home of Kellogg's) and an M.A. in Education from the University of Colorado at Denver. I worked previously at Bethesda Psychiatric Hospital and taught previously at Ebert Elementary School. I love reading books and writing. I love creating art. I love working with children.

Six Poetry Books.jpg

I am the proud editor of six city-wide poetry collections. These anthologies collect poems and artwork from elementary students all over Denver. The books were professionally printed and are sold in area bookstores such as The Tattered Cover and The Bookies. It was an innovative project that was inspired by my teaching experiences (and my colleagues) here at Bromwell. I'm happy to report that these efforts garnered some positive coverage for our district from The Denver Post and Channel 9 News. Link here for my DPS poetry page.

I often create a new play or drama each year for the fourth grade students. In my time at Bromwell, I have created or co-created a wild west show, a reader's theater play about black history, fairy-tale plays, a musical review about the history of music, and many others. I am particularly proud of my recent collaborations with our dance teacher. Below are photos from two of our productions, Persephone and Demeter and The Ramayana.


Last year, we created a special video - a pretend-preview for a not-really-in-existence film of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. It features every fourth grade student (except one) and was created with lots and lots of help from our parents. Here are some photos from the production.

GB Pix 4 Webpage.jpg
Would you like to see the video? Go here!

Other professional accomplishments? Well, I created Bromwell's first computer lab, taught the school's first Gifted and Talented program, and created the first website, too. I am the a long-time editor of our student newspaper, The Bromwell Blabber, and I also edit two occasional student journals, GirlSparks (for girls, naturally) and Inside the Action (for boys). Why two journals? I have found that the two groups are sometimes more productive when they write separately. I'm quite proud of the response these journals have created among both the boys and the girls. Students actually give up their lunch recess time in order to write and draw for these publications.


I have been selected as a Mile-High Teacher (2007) and as a Channel 9 Teacher Who Cares (2010). I was also honored to be selected for a 2012 Distinguished Teacher Award. My work as a classroom teacher has also been discussed favorably in articles in The Denver Post, 5280 Magazine, Colorado Parent, The CEA Journal, and NEA Today. But I am most proud of being a triple-threat in Bromwell community: a school parent, a neighborhood resident, and a teacher all at once. I enjoy meeting Bromwell families as I walk to school or back home, or when I go to the library or the park. My house is also a popular stop for Bromwell children on Halloween. That's a lot of fun, and I hope your own Bromwell student will not miss my house when the holiday comes around.


I give out comics instead of candy at Halloween, as these students will attest!